These are some of the questions frequently put to us and affably answered by our Customer Satisfaction Manager Tobi:

When does the HardMoves Boulderleague 2015/2016 take place?

Qualifications are open to everyone and last four to six weeks between October 2015 and January 2016 in each of the 60 participating gyms (LINK). In February 2016, each gym then sends forth its team into one of the ten local Battles (LINK). And on 5 March 2016, the HARDMOVES Boulderleague culminates in the Final at the Kletterzentrum Wupperwände and the spectacular Super Final show at the Schwimmoper.

How can I register?

Just get a scorecard incl. online pass for 5,50€ at one of the 60 participating gyms and then log in, send it and score your points.

Where does the HardMoves Boulderleague take place?

The seventh season of the HARDMOVES Boulderleague unites 60 climbing and bouldering gyms from Germany, France, England, Sweden, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The grand Final and Super Final will see the best teams meet in Wuppertal on 5 March 2016. An overview of the participating gyms can be found here (LINK).

Which gyms are taking part in the Boulderleague this season?

For this season, 60 climbing and bouldering gyms, hailing from six different nations, will be part of the HARDMOVES Boulderleague. An overview of the participating gyms, including the dates of their respective qualifications, can be found here (LINK).

Can I start for more than one gym?

Yes. You may purchase a scorecard at any of the participating gyms, compete in the local qualifying and work on the HARDMOVES problems set by the local route setters. Should you qualify for the local Battle in more than one gym (LINK), however, you’ll have to opt for one team.

What happens if an athlete who has qualified for the team has to drop out?

Simple: the athlete with the highest following score qualifies for the team.

Can I both set problems for the HardMoves and participate in the comp?

The problems for the qualifications will be set by the gyms’ individual route setting teams. Obviously you can both set problems and try to send them – we’re the HardMoves after all”

How do you make sure that nobody is cheating?

Not at all. We fully expect that such ‘irregularities’ will sort themselves out right where they occur … Fight Club – you know what I mean. Obviously, anybody who can be demonstrably found to be intentionally cheating will be disqualified. But, honestly, whoever cheats at the HardMoves should think about their life for a while.