Streaming Across all Channels

The HardMoves Super Final at the Historische Schwimmoper Wuppertal – who wouldn’t want to be there? Small wonder then that ALL of the advance-sale tickets were sold out within eight minutes. You weren’t able to secure one for yourself and won’t be able to make it to Wuppertal for the live screening? No worries – we’re not just going big for the Super Final but also for the live broadcast: our technical partners Riedel Communications, Fischerandfriends, MINDACT and satis&fy – all of them hailing from Wuppertal – are going to deliver a super-high-end live stream to your computer or TV.
We’ll be offering both a national channel, featuring the German-language presentation from the Schwimmoper straight from the mouths of Amiaz Habtu, Florian Kops and the experts Tobias Reichert and Niki Wiechman, as well as an international live stream with English commentary by Liam Lonsdale:

National: www.hard-moves.de/livestream
International: www.hard-moves.com/livestream

We’re thrilled to announce that you will also be able to watch the live streaming of the HardMoves Super Final on various online portals. Sportdeutschland.tv has tapped into the direct line and will be bringing you video quality as crystal clear as the water in the Schwimmoper. A link to the channels will also be embedded on the websites of our partners Bergfreunde.de, Five Ten and Black Diamond. Our friends at Outdoor-Ticket.net will likewise be presenting the live stream on their website.
Additional live streams:



Stream international

So wherever you are: don’t miss the Super Final!