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Jonas' Videos


Black Diamond has always believed in clean climbing and leaving as little traces in the mountains as possible.
Therefor we want to spread the word about how it is to #liveclimbrepeat, and enjoy what nature has to offer but also what each of us can contribute to sustain what we love.


Daniel Jung

Daniel has been climbing for half of his life. He likes all facets of climbing, from sport climbing to deep water soloing to bouldering to trad to adventures on big walls.

Nalle Hukkataival

Nalle has travelled to almost 30 countries for climbing and opened first ascents in Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Australia. Nalle has devoted a lot of his time to putting up first ascents, and developing areas like Rocklands and the Grampians.

Barbara Zangerl

Babsi first started climbing at 14 when her brother took her along to the gym. She climbed regularly in the gym, and she could hardly imagine that climbing on a natural surface would be so much better than what she found inside.



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